how to find happ(i)ness

1.  try

take a few moments in the morning to plan to pursue happiness.

let's face it ... if you want to bring happiness into your life you have to try.  it sounds sort of obvious, but it's true.  most people simply "hope" to bump into happiness each day.

get outside, eat right, have meaningful conversations with family, friends and co-workers, talk to and listen to God or ask and contemplate deeper questions about life, death and the meaning of life.

2. reflect

if you take a few minutes at the end of the day (like when your head hits the pillow) and just recollect what went well and what did not go so well - you will be "enlightened".  when you identify what went well, it is easy to see how to do it again tomorrow ... and when you see what did not go as well, you can plan to avoid it tomorrow, or change how it happened.

in either case you know - and have some insight into a plan for the next day.

3. be present

find some times or places or events that happen each day - and step back during these times and look around.  see if you can find several sources of happiness in each of these moments.

a good exercise is to do this as you move from one environment to another through the day:

from home to your car

anytime you go from inside to outside

entering a building

entering your work or school

if you become a "seer", you will continually find happiness through your days - and you will be able to share this happiness with others.


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